Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland

About Us

Details & Information About The Irish Filmmakers Company

The Irish Filmmakers Company is an independent entity that specializes in the writing, production and co-production of high-quality, suspenseful, thrilling and thought-provoking filmed entertainment, often based on real life events. Originally formed in Dublin, Ireland, the restructured and relocated company recently opened an office in Los Angeles, California, which now serves as its home base.

Under the seasoned hands of CEO Patrick O’Connor, the Irish Filmmakers Company currently has numerous projects on its growing slate including four completed scripts, one feature film nearing pre-production and a television episodic series in development.

Seguing into screenwriting and producing was a natural progression for this man of many hats. O’Connor, a published author, is also an accomplished academic with degrees in Journalism, Law and a Doctorate in Psychology. All of this combined with his decades-long career as a former international intel/security company owner, operative and expert, working with highly classified government agencies, enables O’Connor to bring something few people can to the proverbial and literal table.

With his unique real-life, first-hand knowledge and experience of living a life filled with intense action, suspense, international intrigue, danger, classified information and secret operations, O’Connor has pooled his many talents and real-life experiences to master an uncanny ability to blend unimaginable truth and fiction seamlessly in his writing and screenplays.

Such is the case with the company’s first feature film that is nearing pre-production, Killing The Street Children. An authentic Latino spy thriller based on true events, Killing The Street Children will not only share history, but make it, as the first feature film, breaking stereotypes, to introduce a modern day Latino action hero.