Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland

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Patrick O’Connor

Writer/Producer for The Irish Filmmakers Company

Jay's headshotFounder and CEO of the Irish Filmmakers Company, Patrick O’Connor, is a man of many layers – as are the screenplays that he writes.

Having recently restructured and relocated the company from Dublin to Los Angeles, O’Connor is poised to leave an indelible mark in the worlds of screenwriting and filmmaking, just as he has in many other industries before.

Seguing into screenwriting and producing was a natural progression for this man of many hats who also holds degrees in Journalism, Law and Psychology. This combined with his decades-long career as a former international intel/security company owner, operative and expert, working with highly classified government agencies, enables O’Connor to bring something few people can to the proverbial and literal table.



Jay-Patrick O’Connor

line producer

Jay's headshotJay Patrick O’Connor graduated  at the top of his class from the famous London International Film School. A very select school, noted for teaching a complete nomenclature in all aspects of film including Directing, Producing, Camera, etc.

Although born in the United States, Jay lived around the world with his Father, Patrick O’Connor, and when he returned to the United States he felt qualified for the profession of Location Scout and Site Manager which he has been doing now for over fifteen years, working with Producers in over a hundred film productions. Recent films include, “Woman In Gold,” “Valkyrie,”  “Hangover 2,” and many more.



Randolph von Gans


Investor in Films, Marbella, Spain.


Philip Burwell


Investor in Films, Dublin, Irelend