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The Princess Di Conspiracy

The Princess Di Conspiracy

Patrick O’Connor, in researching and writing this story, drew on his skills and sources working twenty years in Intelligence and his personal relationship with Princess Diana’s longtime lover, James Hewitt. This film reveals Prince Charles involvement in the Hewitt-Diana affair, plus shocking details of Diana’s death.

The Princess Di Conspiracy shows how Prince Charles had British Intelligence set up the first meeting with Hewitt and the Princess, and then monitored them constantly throughout their relationship, using hidden cameras and bugging devices. Prince Charles did this to convince the Queen of Diana’s infidelity and allow him to divorce Diana and marry his lover Camilla.

Diana, shows in the film, her fear of the Royal Family for her life and the suspicions she had of their involvement in the mysterious death of Barry Mannatre, her bodyguard and first lover.

The Princess Di Conspiracy will blow away all the numerous conspiracy theories, by showing new information about Diana’s death, how the Royal family was involved and how the driver of her car was drugged before taking the wheel. Also, the way British and French secret services kept the truth from the public.

The Princess Diana story remains relevant all these years after her death, especially since the world wide interest in the new heir to the throne and the possibility of Prince Charles becoming King.

~ Final script available upon request. Copyright: Patrick O’Connor. All Rights Reserved.