Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland

The Invisible Razor

The Invisible Razor

Invisible Razor is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about murder, intrigue, corruption and terrorist tactics that international companies will use to protect their existence and their products.

A young professor of Botany at a major University has an extremely wealthy father-in-law, who is a major donor to his University and owns one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Reluctantly, the Professor agrees to take part in an expedition that his father-in-law is financing, to search for rare medicinal plants in the Borneo jungle. In the depths of the jungle, bloodthirsty savages attack the professor’s expedition. He survives the attack and discovers a rare plant that produces a depilatory cream that if used on the face will eradicate hair safely within seconds.

Back at the University’s laboratory the professor manages to synthesize the plant making it useable for the commercial market. This becomes a threat to the multibillion dollar shaving industry and its ancillary industries, such as steel for blades and aluminum tubes for shaving cream. They join forces to take whatever steps necessary to steal the professor’s formula and keep it off of the market. The shaving cream consortium hires undercover agents to infiltrate the University and gain access to the professor’s laboratory. One of the professor’s assistants is murdered and the professor barely escapes with his life. When his father-in-law shows interest in marketing the cream, he too is murdered.

The professor and his wife, using her dead father’s fortune, form a company to market the cream and they take radical steps to fight the shaving consortium. This results in multiple deaths and International repercussions.

~ Final script available upon request. Copyright: Patrick O’Connor. All Rights Reserved.