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The Shadow Trackers

The Shadow Trackers

IFM-Film-shadow-trackersThe Drug smugglers crossing from Mexico into Arizona thought they found an ideal place to get their wares into the United States. Part of the eleven thousand square miles of the Native American Tohono O’odam Nation, which is adjacent to the seventy-three miles of border between Mexican and Arizona. The most desolate and forbidding areas of the Arizona desert, seemed like a good spot. However, the drug smugglers didn’t count on the anger they incurred with the residents of the reservation, when they desecrated their holy sites.

Jason, a member of the Tohono tribe, overcoming a lot of racial prejudice, recently graduated from college but had to give up his dream to go to law school, in order to return to the reservation and take care of his dying Mother. Hailed as a legend by the tribal elders for his tracking abilities when he was a child, Jason joins the nearby U.S. Border Patrol (ICE) where he quickly rises rapidly through the ranks after tracking and single handily capturing two notorious drug smugglers.

During one particularly daring exploit, Jason meets Maria, a beautiful Mexican girl blackmailed into trying to cross the border with some narcotics, who he saves from the brutal head of the narcotic and a romance between the two begins.

After multiple requests to be transferred to the secretive, elite division known as The Shadow Trackers, a small group from several tribes of Native Americans, who are noted for their tracking skills and are used for the most difficult tasks in locating and apprehending narcotic smugglers, Jason is finally able to join and joins them on several dangerous assignments. When the severed head of their ICE Captain is left on the doorstep of their headquarters, The Shadow Trackers make an unauthorized clandestine raid across the Mexican border and wipe out the headquarters of the Narcotic Ringleader and bring his head back to the chief of the reservation, where a suitable ceremony is held on one of the holy sites he desecrated… The Story Continues!

~ Final script available upon request. Copyright: Patrick O’Connor. All Rights Reserved.