Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland

Patrick O’Connor

Writer/Producer for The Irish Filmmakers Company

Founder and CEO of the Irish Filmmakers Company, Patrick O’Connor, is a man of many layers – as are the screenplays that he writes.

Having recently restructured and relocated the company from Dublin to Los Angeles, O’Connor is poised to leave an indelible mark in the worlds of screenwriting and filmmaking, just as he has in many other industries before.

Seguing into screenwriting and producing was a natural progression for this man of many hats who also holds degrees in Journalism, Law and Psychology. This combined with his decades-long career as a former international intel/security company owner, operative and expert, working with highly classified government agencies, enables O’Connor to bring something few people can to the proverbial and literal table.

With his unique real-life, first-hand knowledge and experience of living a life filled with intense action, suspense, international intrigue, danger, classified information and secret operations, O’Connor has pooled his many talents and real-life experiences to master an uncanny ability to blend unimaginable truth and fiction seamlessly in his writing and screenplays.

O’Connor began his far-reaching career working in D.C. for a U.S. Government Intelligence Agency –   Not the C.I.A. Upon leaving government service, O’Connor moved to Beirut Lebanon where he represented private companies, doing business in the Middle-East.

Four years later O’Connor left Beirut and moved to Dublin, Ireland, becoming a consultant to companies doing business in the Middle-East, Far-East and Africa. He then moved from Ireland to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and continued consulting work for various defense related corporations.

Eventually O’Connor moved back to Washington D.C. and formed an intel/security company. His company became consultants to various Foreign Governments, concerning internal security matters. O’Connor opened an office in London and Dublin, expanding the company’s services to include personal protection and fraud investigation.

Somehow O’Connor also found time in London to launch a magazine titled The Good Life as well as write a newsletter titled The Islamic Marketing Intelligence Report which closed when the political climate changed.

Also an accomplished author, O’Connor wrote several books, both non-fiction and fiction, of varying topics including The Princess Di Conspiracy which he also adapted as a screenplay. Based on true events, the thriller is currently on the Irish Filmmakers Company slate.

O’Connor semi-retired to his family home in Ireland to raise thoroughbred horses. He eventually closed his security offices in London, Washington, D. C. and Dublin, Ireland, retiring completely from security work. In Dublin, he continued writing his novel Truth Seeker, a thriller based on some of his Washington assignments and completed a screenplay, based on his book. During this time, he also established The Irish Filmmakers Company with two other Irish writers, and sold several screenplays which are still awaiting production.

Ready to start the next chapter of his already prolific life, O’Connor bought out his partners in Dublin, bringing the Irish Filmmakers Company to its new home in Los Angeles.

The company is nearing pre-production on O’Connor’s Killing the Street Children, an authentic Latino spy thriller based on true events, revolving around the children in Brazil, that not only shares history, but makes it, as the first feature film to break stereotypes and introduce a modern day Latino action hero – portrayed by an A-List Latino actor.