Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland

The Underwoods… Undercover

The Underwoods… Undercover

This is an episodic series for television.

Millie Underwood, a retired former Super Spy and her husband, Davis, a retired engineer and quirky inventor of spy gadgets, live in the quite suburb of Park Estates. Their daughter Carolyn and her husband Pierre are both Anti-Terrorist specialists who conduct secret Intelligence and anti-terrorist activities around the world. But it is Park Estates they and their young daughter call home.

In this suburban community many of the Underwood’s neighbors are semi-retired or active members of various Intelligence Agencies. The civilian residents of Park Estates know their neighbors work for the Government, but are not quite sure what they do.

Although retired, Millie and Davis find them themselves getting involved with helping Carolyn and Pierre in their undercover assignments. This involvement leads to all sorts of mishaps, dangerous predicaments and strange situations with comedic overtones. Including sex, mystery, terrorist plots and sometimes, hilarious situations with their neighbors in Park Estates.

A main character in this series is BERNARD THE PARROT, who acts as the narrator in many episodes. BERNARD was rescued from a secret Government Lab, by Davis Underwood and is more than your average bird. BERNARD speaks several languages -fluently and is capable of some extraordinary physical feats. He and his beautiful Cockatoo lover, CLARA get involved in many of the family escapades.

Think Desperate Housewife’s without the housewife’s. Instead we have former and current “Spies” living in the same neighborhood, including two very remarkable “Birds.”

~ Final script available upon request. Copyright: Patrick O’Connor. All Rights Reserved.